Falls Prevention & Balance Re-training

Contact Balance 360 Health today to learn more about this exciting option in rehabilitation and balance retraining.

Falls Prevention & Balance Retraining

Contact Balance 360 Health today to learn more about this exciting option in rehabilitation and balance retraining.

What is Falls Prevention & Balance Re-training?

Fear of falling and imbalance decreases confidence, leading to activity avoidance, reduced mobility, social isolation, and diminished independence. This can increase actual fall risk and negatively impact quality of life.

Balance 360 Health recognizes the importance that balance and confidence in movement has in maintaining independence and quality of life. We understand that feeling safe and secure while completing exercise is important to our clients. That is why we have invested in the Solo Step ® Overhead Track System.

The Solo-Step ® Overhead Track System connects to a harness that safeguards patients from falls and injuries during physical therapy. This system increases patient confidence throughout various therapy stages, including sit-to-stand transitions, walking therapy, balance and gait training, and stair climbing exercises. Solo-Step offers patients a secure and supportive environment to progress in their rehabilitation journey.

Commonly Asked Balance Re-Training Questions

Who can benefit from Falls Prevention/Balance Re-training?

Individuals of all ages, particularly the elderly, those recovering from injuries, individuals with neurological conditions, and anyone experiencing balance issues or a fear of falling can benefit from falls prevention/balance retraining exercises. These exercises enhance stability, increase confidence in mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries associated with falls.

Benefits to the Patient

Elimination of Fear

The therapy helps in eliminating the fear of falling, allowing individuals to move more freely.

Boosted Confidence

Not only does the training give patients a confidence boost regarding their balance, but it also empowers them in daily activities.

Progressive Challenge

The program allows patients to gradually challenge themselves, advancing to more complex therapies as they progress.

Safe Training Environment

The therapy offers a controlled and safe environment for training in balance, strength, and gait.

Building Assurance

By reinforcing abilities, the program builds confidence in patients, making them more self-assured in their movements.

Guaranteed Safety

The method ensures 100% safety from any fall-related

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Why Choose Balance 360 Health?

  • Experienced physiotherapists.
  • Complete assessment of all balance systems.
  • Use of Solo Step ™ to ensure safety.
  • Treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  • Expansive gym space.

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Solo Step™

"The Solo-Step Overhead Track System attaches to a harness protecting the patient from falls and injuries. Solo-Step provides support and increases confidence for patients during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training, gait training, and climbing stairs."


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